Wednesday, 23 May 2018

More work in the garden

A duller day, no sun. We needed to be up and at it, friend coming to put the guttering on the shed, and do a couple of other jobs. Shed had to be emptied yet again.

The top of the garden June 2015

The veg patch June 2015

The top of the garden today, fully productive with fruit and veg.

Man at work, the guttering going on the shed.

The chap who is going to sort the kitchen came last night, he is not happy that the floor has not dried out more. Going to speak to the council today. I have got fed up with stuff being all over the place so have now cleaned the base of the unit and put the saucepans etc back in there.

Also has a call from the microwave people, the micro is coming back on Friday, which is good news.

I intended to plant up a couple more pots this morning, cannot find the packet of discs I was going to use, so planted up the fuchsia instead.

Its a bit brrrr this morning, the sun is reluctant to show its self.

I brought eggs back from the B & B so tonight's supper will be egg, chips and beans. I did some rhubarb in the oven yesterday, will finish it off with some custard for dessert.


  1. Your 'before' and 'after' photos speak volumes about how you and DB have made your back garden productive, neat, and beautiful - and the beautified front garden, too. Well done!

    Hope the kitchen floor chap raises Cain about the slow response from the council and the poor workmanship that was previously done.

    Cheers that your micro is en route to you!

    We had more rain last night so all is muddy again.


  2. Your garden looks great. What an enormous improvement over what it was when you moved in. I hope your kitchen floor issue is resolved soon.

  3. I cannot believe you were given the garden in that state. I admire your efforts even more now that I have seen the scale of the improvements. Sorry to hear about your kitchen but it sounds as if the chap was very thorough in his examination.

  4. Sandy in the USA23 May 2018 at 17:35

    WOW!! Your garden looks awesome! You guys have really worked hard and it shows. It looks beautiful.

  5. Love your gardens! You've done a great job.. it's beautiful!


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