Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Its not supposed to rain......

We arrived here after a rather fraught journey yesterday. It was very sunny, but brrr..... in the wind. DB is the worlds worst back seat driver and got me lost twice........we went to Trago Mills which was a bit disappointing, we did get some of the things we wanted. We could not get a Cornish Pastie for lunch so ended up with lasagna......

Our B & B is very nice, the chap is very helpful and welcoming.....the breakfast this morning was lovely. Unfortunately it was hissing down with rain, however we set off for Liskard and went to B & M and Morrison for supplies and then set off for Seaton, the roads round here are very windy, narrow and steep, high hedges and passing places, all adds to the enjoyment!!

We went into the Smugglers Rest at Seaton for lunch, pasties, so DB is quite happy. After lunch we moved down closer to the beach, it was still raining, so we sat in the car and watched people walking their dogs.

Back at our quarters, which is called 'The Piggery', its where they used to keep the pigs, one of the other rooms is called 'The Dairy' there is also 'The Hay Barn' and 'The Hen House'. Nicely furnished and comfortable. It was a full house last night.

Tomorrow we plan to go to The Lost Gardens, so there may be some pictures later. I did take a couple today, but it was rather grey.

DB is writing his holiday journal up, he collects leaflets of the various places we go to and sticks them in. The journals are useful to have when we are trying to remember somewhere we have been and when.


  1. Pleased you arrived safely, thought about your long journey, you must have been exhausted. I hope your weather improves. Here in Derbyshire it was cold and very windy from the northeast. I would love to visit the Lost Gardens and The Eden Project.

  2. It's good to hear that you got to your destination and that the B&B is so nice and cozy. Sorry about the rain today and hope the weather is clear and not so blustery tomorrow for your visit to The Lost Gardens.


  3. Hope the weather improves so that you can really enjoy the gardens.

  4. Loving reading about where you are visiting. We are travelling down from north east Scotland at the end of July for a week at Lostwitheil so I'm interested in what there is to do in the area. We do intend to visit the Eden Project using Tesco vouchers.
    Hope the weather is better for you today


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