Thursday, 24 May 2018

Ice cold here

My goodness the temperature has plummeted, it is freezing,,,,,no wonder people get ill. Sun blasting one day, freezing cold another.....

Up and out just after 8am to go to Aldi, I was so early they had not got the super 6 out, good job I did not want any of them. Home and shopping away by 10am.

Its too cold to go out in the garden, waiting in the hope that the sun breaks through later. DB needs to put preservative on a new piece of wood that has been put in to replace a broken slat in the shed. I have to admit I have learnt an expensive lesson. I read the reports about the shed and they were so good which is why I decided to order from them. I know now I should have got the chap who built our fence and gate to do it for me.

Some more pots planted up yesterday, we need rain to soften the ground a bit so I can put in the plants that are waiting to be planted out. I said I was not going to buy any more plants, a big fail yesterday....I ordered 6 apricot foxgloves for the bottom bit of the garden. After lunch the sun did come out but it was still windy. Sorted out more pots and I have about 30 foxglove seedlings, I plan to plant them in a couple of blocks in the garden once we get some rain. It will be interesting to see what colours come out.

Chicken and bacon pie for supper with mash, carrots and calabrese. I bought some strawberries to have for dessert with ice cream.

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