Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Holiday Pictures

Some of the photos taken whilst we were away.

The water wheel at Cotehale Mill

Bee hives at Heligan

The wall round the garden needs propping up.

Entrance to the walled garden.

Amazing trees

The only bed in the flower gardens with any flowers in.

I love this white Rhodi.

The old well

There were doves in this dovecote.

Fabulously coloured Azalea.

Busy morning, I have planted up some of the pots and prepared the pot for the sweet peas. DB spent time tying in the blackberry and prepping the bed for the celeriac.

Chap who is doing the kitchen is coming tonight to look at the state of it. Cleaners due shortly, so will sign off for today.

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  1. Lovely pictures and, oh, that azalea bloom! Do you suppose your holiday was a bit early for most of the flowers in that garden?

    Hope the kitchen chap will be agreeable to what you'd like to have in your kitchen.



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