Monday, 28 May 2018

Holiday Monday

Very dank this morning when we got up, it did not clear up until after lunch. We did not get the forecast thunder, lightening and rain last night. DB had watered late last night, so not too bothered.

A load of laundry done and dried on the line, folded and put away, I still have not done the ironing, must tackle it tomorrow.

DB out in the garden this morning, putting the mats under the strawberries, I sorted the mince out for tonight's supper, there is rhubarb crumble left for dessert.

After lunch we nipped out to see DD2 have not seen her for a few weeks, both being busy. Her son and his partner has been busy in her garden cutting down some bushes.

It turned quite warm after lunch, backdoor open, the kitchen floor is very slowly drying out. I will be ringing again next week. I am getting fed up with having to search for stuff from the cupboard.


  1. Very warm here today and slightly clammy. Off to my knitting group shortly but I’m taking some hand sewing as it’s too warm for knitting.

  2. What a pleasant day for you and DB despite the dank start to it.

    Hope your kitchen floor dries out completely so the repairs can get underway. I imagine it is really annoying to have your neat home cluttered with kitchen things out of place.

    We have sun, a cooler day, but it's also been horridly humid and akin to trying to breathe under water. Storms later, perhaps.



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