Sunday, 20 May 2018

Halfway home

We left our lovely B & B just after 10am and after a visit to Morrison to fill up with fuel we set our faces up the A38 and M5. We got to our overnight stop just after 3pm. We were lucky, we could just see traffic building up and blue flashing lights, further on than the turning.........

The breakfast room. We could use this room anytime we wanted, there was also a kitchen to use as well. We had our supper in here every night.

Our bedroom, we also had an ensuite.

The complex, where we stayed was the piggery which is to the left of the main building, there were two steps up.

We will set off tomorrow morning after breakfast. We will miss the full Cornish breakfast.

My remark about the service yesterday was that the bride and groom took their vows and then there was a hymn and the address. They did not exchange rings until later, rather than straight off after the vows.

I think she will be very good for Harry, her dress was so simple and elegant, she looked amazing. I was pleased to see PC walk down the aisle after the service with Megan's Mum on one side and Camilla on the other, both with their arms tucked in his. I really hope that lessons have been learnt after the Diana debacle.


  1. Your B&B and your room look lovely!
    I got up at 4am to watch the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it - although I did have a bit of a giggle at the reactions to Reverend Curry! He was a wonderful speaker but I think he did go on a wee bit longer than he should have. And you are right - it was different that they had the sermon in between the vows and the ring exchange. And I was also pleased to see that PC thought to look after Meghan's mom - she looked a wee bit lonely all on her own.
    Hope you have a safe trip home.

  2. What a nice B&B you found for you and DB to enjoy! If you have reason to head that direction again, you know where to book your overnights.

    Hope the drive today that takes you home will be uneventful and the weather will be lovely.

    I agree the wedding was beautiful if unusual.


  3. It was beautiful wasn't it? I think the Royals have changed for the better, don't you?


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