Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Garden today

Newly planted

And again

The clematis on the old clothes post.

I am now going to be quite shameless....does any one have a white pulmonaria and could let me have a root? I have been looking for one for ages......pretty please.......


  1. How pretty the clematis is on the clothes post. The garden looks really lovely.

  2. What a beautiful garden you and DB have cultivated! I know all of the neighbors who share a view of your garden are also delighted with the improved view (understatement!!) since you two moved into the bungalow. :)

    Well done!


  3. Garden looks stunning and it shows how much hard work you’ve done since you moved in. Glad your holiday went well-you deserved it.

  4. Your garden is lovely, I haven't a white pulmonaria sorry, but I'll look out for one.

  5. Your garden is lovely. The climate where I live is about a month behind yours...am envious!


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