Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Galoshes needed

It was hissing it down when we got up and continued for the morning. We took the car into town, DB went to wait in the opticians whilst I took some stuff to the charity shop. It did not stop to rain, the water was jumping up 6 or 7 inches off the pavement.

I got my eyes tested, my second cataract needs doing. So wait for an appointment. I nipped off to collect some things I had ordered and also go to Boyes. It was still hissing down. By the time I got back DD2,  DGD and friend were waiting. I went and put more money in the parking meter and we went to Greggs for lunch, DB and I had cheese and bacon pasties. DD said she has made them herself at home and told me how. I will have to have a go and see how I get on.

DB now has 20/20 vision in the eye he has had the cataract in, he has been put forward to get his second eye done. New glasses have been ordered, when he has had the second op he can get a replacement lens.

We finally got in after 2pm having had a tour round the district because I missed a turn. The rain had stopped and the sun come out, we stopped on the hill going down to Stathern, the vale below us was bathed in sunlight, lots of yellow, oil seed rape is prevalent in the fields, but cattle and sheep are out as well. We live in a lovely part of Leicestershire which is very under appreciated. The countryside looked like a  green patchwork quilt with splashes of yellow.

Two things I bought this morning are not right, the speakers cannot have headphones plugged in so are no good and the replacement cartridge for the water jug is the wrong shape.....hey ho. 

There was a message on the answer machine which was so garbled I could not understand it. I think it was someone about the bathroom floor.......

Pork and bean casserole for supper, with mash, steamed cabbage and carrots. No dessert as yet.

The temperature has dropped, so I think I may have to put the heating on.

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  1. For a really rainy day, you and DB certainly accomplished a lot. Especially nice was the meal with family and the friend, plus your view of the glorious Leicestershire countryside! You painted a lovely word picture of how it looked. Ta!

    Sorry two of your purchases will have to be returned. Bother!

    Dinner sounds delicious. Enjoy!



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