Thursday, 3 May 2018

Early Bird

I put the light out before DB last night, slept much better, woke briefly at 6.30, feet on the floor and out the door just after 8am.

Aldi was empty, so a quick wizz round and home just after 9.30am.

Chap has been to collect the combi again, no idea when it will come back, depends if they have to send for parts.

DB has done an hour in the front garden, he wants to order another bulk bag of wood chip for the garden. I emptied a  bag of compost into the bin, its easier to get it out to use for planting if its in the bin.

Quiche and salad for supper, no idea whats for dessert.

Yesterday a blood vessel broke in my thumb, it happens in my fingers occasionally, my thumb is a delicate shade of purple just now. It will gradually fade over the next week.

Thinking about sorting out clothes for our holiday, I guess its not going to be overwarm, so fleeces, tee shirts and trousers. There is a small pile growing on the bed in the sewing room.

After DB had his siesta, he went out into the garden for half an hour. I went out and got 2 plants in before my back told me to stop, so now in the sitting room, watching Escape to the Country and then Escape to the Chateau DIY.........

White dicentra put in today. I had been looking for a white one for quite a while.

Pink dicentra I planted last year.


  1. Lovely plants, reminded me I have not one of them pink or white!

  2. From what you're packing I assume you're holidaying in this country?
    It's lovely to have a holiday to look forward to.

  3. Yes we are going to Looe in Cornwall, we have wanted to go to The lost Gardens of Heligan for a while. We also have a week in IOW booked for September. We did not have a proper holiday last year, we came back early, so two holidays this year.

  4. I loved the Lost Gardens of Heligan. We went one year when it was a very warm day and there were some lovely places to sit in sun or shade. We’re hoping to be back this year all being well. Are you going with a tour company or driving there? Lovely plants-you have the same eye for colour in the garden as you have for fabric.

  5. You certainly accomplished a lot today so should be proud of yourself! Sorry about your lavender thumb and hope it doesn't hurt.

    What fun to start choosing clothes for your upcoming holiday! Anticipation adds to the fun. Your September holiday will be in IOW but I cannot imagine what the "IOW" stands for. Please enlighten me. Ta!

    Hope your quiche was yummy. :)

    It's sunny, hot, and we nearly melted when we took my car in for its yearly inspection.



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