Friday, 11 May 2018

clear up day 1

Sunny morning but a stiff breeze is keeping it cool. DB is cleaning the inside of the car. The outside will get done tomorrow. I have been bumbling about in the kitchen trying to make my mind up what, if anything, to do in they say, its doing my head in!! DB thinks that an unmatched kitchen will bug me, and I know he is right, but can I stand half the kitchen in the sitting room whilst its done??? Hopefully one thing they can do is move the sink unit over so the cooker does not have gaps down the side of it.  All will be decided when we get back from holiday.

DJ has been entered in the local evening paper baby show. How they ever got him to sit still long enough I have no idea!!

The back bedroom looks like a charity shop with clothes all over the bed, no point putting them in bags until Sunday.

Cheese pie made for supper tonight, have some strawberries left from yesterday for dessert.


  1. Beautiful boy with a lovely smile. Hope the kitchen can be repaired carefully so that you enjoy cooking in it.

  2. I hope your thoughts will come together about the kitchen when it's time for it to be done.

    What a cutie DJ is and a very happy first birthday to him. Love the shirt, too. :)

    DH and I had a trip to see the doctor today for Rxs so that's done for a good while.



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