Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Another Dull Morning

I woke just after 7am and decided to lie in for half an hour. I could hear the sound of a van in the street with its engine running, OH had a quick peep and saw a van at our gate and white van man making an exit down the path. He knocked the window and went through to open the door, white van had gone.....on the step a parcel that should have been signed for.  The van man never rang the bell, we would have heard it, nor did he knock the door.....just left the parcel on the step....thats how things go missing.

Decided to put the towels in the washer, the chiropodist came just before 10.am so we now have tidy feet.

DB is turning into a grumpy old man,  (whats new) he moaned about having to walk on the grass  past the pot with the sweet peas in when I asked him where he wanted it, he told me to leave it where it is...ggrrrrr...We have walked on the grass for the last 3 years and it has not hurt the grass, whats so different about this year? Patience? I no longer have any.

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  1. Don't you wonder why delivery folks seem to ignore logical protocols when leaving packages on doorsteps? Several years ago, a computer was marked "delivered" BUT did the delivery person put the box on our large front porch? No. It was left in our gravel driveway partly under a bush. We looked high and low and couldn't find it and raised Cain when we did finally find it. What was that person thinking?

    Hope a peaceful solution can be found for the situation of the pot of lovely sweet peas v the walkway.

    In the creepy, crawly department, I was about to go out the door when I noticed a HUGE spider with an oddly large dark body between me and the door. YIKES!! I called DH and he promptly trod on it, then called for the spider spray because there were suddenly hundreds (or so it seemed) of tiny spiders running hither and thither. Shudder! I prefer nature outside. Another shudder!



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