Sunday, 29 April 2018

Wot no rain

No rain, but a very grey sky and a stiff breeze. I have put the heating back on, its very cold.

We had melon for a change this morning, we spent the morning going through DB's journals trying to sort out where we had been on holiday since 1990. A couple of hours pleasant reading, lots of times in France and Scotland, and some sort breaks in various places like York, Durham and Chester. Visits to the Bluebell Railway, garden open days and Beamish.

Roast shoulder of lamb for supper tonight, with veggies, stewed rhubarb and ice cream for dessert.

Amelia-Grace, DB's latest great grandchild.


  1. Amelia Grace is a charmer and has such a sweet smile at her tender age! Love that hair bow, too!

    It sounds like you and DB had a delightful day seeing photos and remembering good times past. What a nice thing to do on a cloudy, cold day. :)

    It's sunny and warmish here tho is forecast to be much cooler than yesterday was.


  2. Braw bairn, Anne and I love the cardi. Cutting some more bits of fabric for iris folding-all will be revealed soon. Cold here and I’m wearing a fleece in the house!! Had planned salad for tonight but may need to rethink the menu.


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