Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Another dull wet day, but quite a bit of wind.

I woke about 5am with an horrendous sore throat which has plagued me for most of the day. Have not started sneezing yet but I have no doubt it will follow shortly.

DB's eye is doing ok, after tonight he can leave off his shield, still got to have his drops in for a while.

I have done nothing apart from make a pot of soup for lunch, we are going to have a WWF supper, I just have to shove it in the oven and eat it, very little washing up afterwards.

I am hoping to feel a bit better tomorrow.

The cleaners came yesterday and gave us a thorough going over, even cleaned the windows.
We spoke to the council yesterday about the smell in the hall. A chap turned up this morning, no smell, but he found water all over the floor of the boiler cupboard, we have had to move the shelf unit out and also take up the floor covering, the floor boards were soaking wet. We have to wait and see if it dries out and then have a shower and see whats happens then, he thinks the seal round the shower has been leaking. We will see.

Sitting room from the kitchen door.

Sitting room from the door into the hall towards the kitchen.

The centre of the room is no longer obstructed by DB's chair and table.


  1. So sorry about your unwelcome sore throat. Hope it has felt better since your warming soup for lunch. Do you ever use a warm salt water gargle when you have a sore throat? That was and is a helpful go-to home remedy from my childhood onward.

    What a bother it is that something is leaking into the boiler cupboard but am glad the council chap got there quickly to access what's going on.

    Your sitting room looks nice with the new arrangement. Are you able to see the TV well from the new settee?

    We're awaiting the arrival of our guest. He'll likely stay only 2-3 days but it will be nice to visit with him. :)


  2. Hate the kind of cold you often get when the seasons change-plenty of rest and warm drinks. Lovely room and the new layout seems much lighter.


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