Wednesday, 4 April 2018


It was coffee morning at the little chapel, quite a turn out 13 of us eventually.

The morning started off sunny, so a coloured load in the washer, by 10am it had clouded over, it went in the dryer, it started to rain as we left the coffee morning to come home.

The cleaners rang to say they would be late, a staffing problem, my neighbour got 2 of them for an hour, we got one for 2 a deep clean done.

I had someone enquire about the dresser yesterday, replied but nothing since. I have put it on for 2 weeks if it does not sell it will go to the charity shop along with some other stuff that's waiting to go.

Supper tonight quiche, tomato and celery salad and jacket spuds, no dessert.

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  1. The coffee hour is such a nice start to the day and it's lovely you and DB can walk there, rain notwithstanding.

    I'm so glad the new cleaners are working out well for you and for your neighbor. I'd like to hire a cleaner, but first must get rid of lots of stuff.

    We're on the look-out for stormy weather and wind late this morning into the afternoon. I dislike high wind as it puts all of the trees in danger of toppling.



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