Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Quite a change from yesterday, they sky is grey, the weather station in the kitchen is showing rain, and we have a strong wind.

A mixed load went in the washer this morning, its on the line blowing like sails on a ship.......hope it dries, yesterday's sheets were dry by lunchtime.

Still no movement on the floor in the wet room, the last plank is still showing no signs of drying out despite the dehumidifier and heater having been in there, they are coming to look at it tomorrow, I have a feeling that the whole floor is going to have to come up, if the water had run one way its going to run the other so the floor under the shower may well be as bad.

G is coming at lunchtime to put the spuds in for us, DB will not be able to bend for at least another week.....and he is agitating to get them in. I have deadheaded the little daffs in the front garden, Once the bigger ones are over I will dig them out and put them in the back in the autumn.

Smoked haddock with poached eggs and brown bread for supper, have crumble left for dessert.

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  1. You've certainly made good use of a windy couple of days to dry that laundry! Hope pegging it out and bringing it in for folding didn't wear you out.

    What a bother that the floor in the wet room may have to come back up but it's essential that it stays dry. Hope the problem has an easier permanent fix.

    How kind of G to help out with the spuds since DB cannot just yet.

    I hope to get to plan my next sewing project today as that's always fun.



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