Tuesday, 10 April 2018


We woke late this morning, forgot to set the alarm last night so it almost 9am before we woke.

Horrid day dull and wet. I have taken photos of the room as we have turned it round but for some weird reason it will not load on my computer, so you will have to wait.

Belly pork casserole cooked for tonights supper, mash and calabrese with it.

DB eye is ok, I just have to swab it each morning, but apart from that its no longer blood shot and clear, we have our appointments for the opticians next month. 

DB has spent the morning sorting out his family tree to send to his second cousin in LA. he was asked for info about his fathers side of the family.

Cleaners are due this afternoon as is the library van. need to keep the eyes open for it arriving just after 2pm; we do not always hear the horn sounding. DB has a book he ordered so it will cost us 50p.

I did make it into the sewing room yesterday overcast the edge of some fabric.......thats as far as I got. My sewing mojo really seems to have left me.


  1. Hope your computer plays nicely as I enjoy the photos you post!

    I'm glad to hear DB's eye is looking good once more.

    What books did you select from the library van?

    Dinner sounds yummy, as usual.

    It's good to hear you got a bit done in the sewing room. My wee sewing room looks like a tornado hit it but our guest arrives tomorrow so it will have to wait.


  2. It's been wet and dull here in the North West too, supposed to have several days of sun next week.

    I'm wondering why you set your alarm for the morning now you're retired? I love not setting mine unless I have an early appointment now I'm retired.

    I go to the library but haven't tried the mobile library yet, at our library they've stopped charging for ordering books so that's really good. On a couple of mornings a week you can have coffee/tea and cake for 50 pence too!


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