Tuesday, 3 April 2018


A fine morning although it was cold. Chiropodist due, once we had our feet seen to we were off into Town. Me to Morrison and DB to get a new battery in my watch and collect his from the menders. DB said the watch maker commented on the quality of my watch. I have had it over 30 years. I was working for Janome, and won a competition, the prize was £75. I was told to buy something and send the receipt to head office and they would reimburse me. The jeweller in the shop was closing down and everything was 50% off, so with the 50% discount and my staff discount I bought the watch. 

It was market day so quite a bit of traffic in the town, the roads around were busy too.

Back home we had our lunch and DB went for his siesta, it rained, a quick shower and then the sun was out again. We still have not managed to get out in the garden its far too wet. Fingers crossed we get a dry spell so we can cut the grass.

Sausage and bean casserole for supper with mash, cauliflower and carrots, doubt if we will have a dessert.

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  1. How nice that the weather cooperated so you and DB could get so much accomplished this morning and were back home before the rain started.

    Dinner sounds yummy!

    I'm cleaning the house between breaks for rest. What a bother not to have the energy I used to have. :)



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