Thursday, 12 April 2018


Still have my sore throat, it has not developed into a cold, so appointment made to see the Dr tomorrow afternoon. I could have gone down this morning, but did not fancy sitting in a waiting room full of coughs and sneezes.

Made a cheese, potato and onion pie for supper, also did some raspberries in jelly for dessert, that will do us a couple of days at least.

I forgot to put the drops in DB's eyes this morning, slapped wrist for that, hey ho...... he no longer has to wear the shield in bed, hooray.

It has been a very misty dank day. I went up to the post office to post a letter to DB's second cousin in the USA, I had to have the fog lights on, roll on next week its going to be bright and sunny, so they tell us.

The close is very quiet, nothing much going on although our next door neighbour has a new gardener, he was there weeding the borders, apparently he does not cut the grass, so she is going to have to get someone else to do that.


  1. Have your net curtains been twitching again? Hee hee!

    1. We do not have net curtains, OH saw the chap weeding and went out to have a word with him.

  2. Sorry to see that your sore throat lingers, so it's good you'll have it seen to tomorrow.

    Your dinner pie sounds yummy, as does the raspberry dessert.

    We have sunshine today with a forecast high of 80*F. It's still chilly right now though.

    Our guest is delightful and there is no stop to the conversations!



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