Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Sunny but cool

Sun shining but the breeze makes it quite cool. We had rain late yesterday afternoon but it had cleared by this morning, the garden looks a lot fresher.

I have sorted out the drawers etc and put everything back in the hall cupboard, a lot of stuff chucked out so still have some space. I also have a bag of bits for R if he can use them. DB brought a new paint brush to do the shed, I found 4 in the drawers, so they are out in the shed.

After our morning cuppa I tackled the fridge, so its all clean and tidy too. 

DB requested beefburgers and chips tonight, so two quarter pounders defrosting will open a can of beans to go with them, we can have beans on toast for lunch tomorrow. Defrosted some ham for sandwiches at lunchtime.

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  1. How nice that the emptying of the airing cupboard and the resulting clear-out of some items has left you with extra space to put to better use!

    My Dad had a shop in a shed similar to the one you have and put a pegboard on the wall over his workbench. That pegboard and it's various shaped metal hangers held his paint brushes, hand tools, and small garden tools. His rakes, shovels, clamps, and such were on a higher hung bracket suited to holding their handles. It stayed tidy and it was easy to find what you needed.

    Our rain finally ended but all is damp and cloudy.



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