Sunday, 15 April 2018


Busy day, we had our usual breakfast in bed, but got up a bit earlier. Off to Melton to Aldi, Boyes and DD2's. Nice to see her and have a cup of tea and a chat.

On the way home we decided to just put the shopping away and then go to what will now be our favourite garden centre. I treated us to a roast beef lunch before we went round the plants, I managed to spend £71, not all on plants I might add.

I did manage to get a couple of plants I was looking for, still wanting to source a ligularia and a white pulmonaria......

I put in a request for some garden stuff on freecycle and was lucky enough to get it, so we nipped off to pick it up. Strong weed killer and a load of the green plastic edging to separate the lawn from the herbaceous bed. Tomorrow I need to go into the front and dead head the daffs, the grape hyacinths are spectacular this year.

Back home, it will be a light supper and some TV watching.


  1. Wow-you were busy today. DH managed about an hour in the garden before rain stopped play. I was excused gardening duties today as I sliced my left thumb putting a new blade in the rotary cutter yesterday. Hope you find the plants you are looking for and glad you had a lovely lunch out.

  2. You and DB certainly did have a busy day with lots of wonderful accomplishments plus a good visit with DD2. You two deserve a restful evening!

    Wishing you success in finding a white pulmonaria for a low price or perhaps from someone who will give you a cutting or small plant.

    We're awaiting thunderstorms and it's warm but humid outside.

    Our guest plans to leave tomorrow morning after the rain passes.



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