Sunday, 8 April 2018


I was so tired last night I was in bed by 9pm, did DB's eye and settled down just after 10pm, I did rouse a couple of times but did not wake fully until 8.30. We had our usual Sunday brekkie in bed after I had cleaned DB's eye and put his drops in. 

The moans have started, I told him to read the booklet he was given when he had his eye done. I am not an opthamologist.

It was a dull grey morning, a couple of rain showers but not much, the wind is cold, but I have the heating turned off, the bungalow is fairly warm.

Roast pork etc for supper, creme brulee for dessert.


  1. I can empathise with you!! Husband had ankle fused 18 months ago - it took 3 months before he was mobile again, and I lost half a stone in that time!! Have, unfortunately, put that back on again since......hoping to rectify that soon.....

  2. Am glad you got a good night's sleep last night!

    So sorry for the moans as can surely get old quickly. Hope the booklet reminded DB of what's normal following cataract surgery so he'll moan less. Fingers crossed!

    Perhaps you can lose yourself in a good book or in the sewing room with music on to fill your ears with lovely sounds?

    I've been busy so am late commenting and I suppose that means I missed joining you for the yummy dinner and creme brulee. Shucks! :)



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