Saturday, 14 April 2018


Woke up to a lovely bright morning, after breakfast we sat for half and hour and then went out into the garden.

DB went into the shed......I moved the water barrel into its new home at the side of the shed ready to fill with rain water once the guttering is fixed, then sorted out the bit of the patio. Moved the clematis in its pot will tip it out and plant it once the ground has dried a bit. Hoed round the plants in the shaded bed and put feed on the ericaceous  plants, the camelia I planted 2 years ago has buds on it this year, I cannot remember what colour it is though. Cut back the lavatera and then swept the path and new slabs, we cannot walk on the slabs until tomorrow, they need to settle in.

I have been trawling the internet to find a white pulmonaria, blimey cannot believe the cost. I have the blue/purple one, would have liked a white one....hey ho.

The concrete path is sloped so the water runs away from the bungalow, eventually the table will go on the new slabs.

Waiting to be planted. another camellia.

The nursery bed at the side of the bungalow, lots of plants waiting to go in.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, I might get another hour out there this afternoon, will see.

All day breakfast for supper tonight with the last of the jelly for dessert. I have got apples and gooseberries out of the freezer for a crumble tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the garden photos-you really have been busy this morning. Weather here is getting warmer but our first job as usual in the garden will be to pick up litter from the neighbouring school! Happy weekend.

  2. How delightful to your gardener souls to have a pretty sunny day for early spring planting and clearing up! Mind you don't wear yourself out. :) Ta for the photos!

    We also have a lovely, sunny day with the high in the mid-70s*F. Our guest is still here so it's not likely I'll be raking old leaves out of the flower beds, weeding, or planting until after he leaves on Monday.

    My baby is 34 years old today. Yikes!


  3. A lovely sunny day.

    My goodness where do you get all that energy from?


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