Saturday, 28 April 2018

Rain, Rain go away.....

It started to rain yesterday morning and has not stopped, its also turned cold, I left the heating on low.

Phone call at lunchtime, its SS's 50th birthday, he wanted to come over to see his Dad and bring his latest granddaughter, so a quick tidy up and I sorted the supper.

The baby is Amelia-Grace, she was very small at birth but has doubled her birth weight, we both had cuddles. Mind you there was a fair bit of rumbling in the nappy!!

Nothing done, I had a book I wanted to finish reading before the library van comes on Tuesday, also downloaded an e book to read as well.

Spag bol for supper with garlic bread, no dessert as yet. Might just have a scoop of ice cream.

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  1. It sounds like you and DB had a lovely day despite the chill and rain.

    What is more heartwarming than cuddles with a beloved wee baby?! Amelia Grace is a lovely name.

    Happy birthday to your SS and to me, too! :) I didn't realize he was born on my birthday (since I'm older, I had it first!!).

    It's a beautiful, sunny day here and quite warm as well.



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