Thursday, 5 April 2018

Operation day!!

I was at Aldi by 8.30 and home by 9.30 shopping done and put away.

I plan to go egg on toast for an early lunch before we set off for the hospital. I am going armed with a book. When I had my eye done, DB stayed with me, apparently they have stopped that, no way am I coming home, so I will have to find somewhere to sit and wait.

Its a bright sunny morning, although there had been a frost there was still some ice on the windscreen, thankfully the road were clear.

No idea what we are having for supper, will have to sort it out when we get back. May post again later, depends on DB!!

We are home. I was banished to the cafe whilst he had it done, picked him up at 3pm and drove home in brilliant sunshine. His eye is starting to open, he has to keep the shield on for a week at night and has drops 4 times a day, will have to make sure they get done.

Got home to find a note through the door to say that a parcel had been left by the bins, no idea what it was but it isn't there.......puzzle the couriers could not help me as I had no information.

Supper, shepherds pie and peas from WFF, it in the oven now. DB wants ice cream for dessert.


  1. Well done on making good use of your morning and hope you have chosen a good book to take along.

    Wishing DB well as he has this procedure done and advise he have a nap when you two get back home. I was amazed at how quickly my procedures were and how soon thereafter I was out the door, headed home with DH driving. We stopped for a take out en route home as I'd not been allowed to eat for 8 hours before the operation. After the meal, I slept for 2 hours.

    Big hugs!

  2. Glad the eye operation is over although the drops are a right faff as I know from DH. Have a quiet evening with your feet up now.

  3. I just had my second eye cataract op. I had to have drops 4 time a day, antibiotic drops for 2 weeks and steroid drops for four weeks. My partner was told to come back in an hour, then another hour. Now waiting for new reading glasses as both eyes 20:20 vision but need a bit of magnification for close work.. Strange how it is different everywhere...

  4. Am glad all went well and you two got home in good time. I did the eye drops at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime as the eye doctor said not to wake up at night to do the drops.

    Bother about the missing package. Do you suppose one of your neighbors kindly took it in for you?

    Have a restful evening and sleep well!



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