Friday, 20 April 2018

Oh what a beautiful morning.....

Sun shining, not as hot as yesterday so far.

We had our morning tea and lunch in the garden, I had bought a pot with no holes in the bottom last year, will it with water and put the floating solar panel in it, very nice hearing the sound of the water. I had have to change the head over;as the panel floats it kept floating to the side and watering the grass, so changed it to a straight fountain. As long as the sun is shining it keeps working.

My quilting friend rang yesterday afternoon to ask if we would pick up a couple of clematis for her from Aldi, so we went over to Bingham, I got the clematis and also 2 big blocks of the cheese we like. Our Aldi does not have it for some reason.

We are off to see my quilting friend this afternoon, tea and chat in order.

Will spend a relaxing morning, might sit in the garden and read for a bit.

Fish and chips tonight, have not decided on dessert, it may just be ice cream.


  1. How delightful to be able to enjoy your garden table with the fountain to provide the sound of splashing water.

    Hope the traffic is light as you journey to see your friend and home again. It's kind of you to always be willing to bring her things she needs and asks for!

    And speaking of the last line of that song verse from your blog title today, I hope "everything is going your way!"

    Errands for me today so I hope I have the energy to do them and it's DH's birthday!


  2. Enjoy your outing-it’s actually sunny with a good drying breeze here today. Grass cut for the first time this year.


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