Thursday, 26 April 2018

Oh Brrrrrr

Its another sunny day, but the wind is  gusting quite a bit keeping the temperature down, its heating on though until after supper, its just on first think and then for a couple of hours whilst we watch TV. Rain is forecast for later so hopefully no need to water.

DB out for an hour in the garden, managed to stay on his feet, although I did catch him once bending. I have tied up one of the roses I put in last year to the trellis, when there is another shoot long enough it will be tied to the trellis on the other side. The rhubarb is going nuts since the rain, will be pulling some tomorrow for J. We are going to see them tomorrow afternoon. I may well pull enough to make a crumble and also put some in the freezer for winter puddings. The strawberries have flowers on, fingers crossed we do not get a frost, we will have to net them before we go away.

Beef and bean stew cooked in the PKP, we are having dumpling tonight with cabbage and cauliflower, no mash. Made a strawberry fluff with some strawberries I found hiding in the freezer, that will be dessert.

I am taking my neighbour into town for an xray this afternoon, so DB will be on his own for an hour or so, he had better behave.


  1. I like how you do so much for everyone.x

  2. You are a good neighbour doing the hospital run. Hope DB behaved himself.

  3. Hope DB minded his manners while you kindly took your neighbor for the needed x-rays.

    Nice that your garden is doing so well and that you're getting rain rather than having to water it.

    It's sunny and warm here so made my errands to grocery and library a pleasure. Now am tired, but that's nothing new. May cut some fabric strips ... or not.



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