Friday, 27 April 2018

Not a happy bunny

I have a panasonic combi microwave, having has 3 previous combis of thiers I had no problems with buying another one. It developed a fault and had to be collected by their agent, when it returned the fault was still there. It has now developed another fault. It keeps asking for the door to be closed, when it is closed and then switches itself off or refuses to start.
I consider this is not fit for purpose and have asked Panasonic to replace it. They have refused to do so. I have no confidence in the repairers, but Panasonic refuse to send it anywhere else. It is still under guarantee so the work is being undertaken under say I am not happy is putting it mildly.
I do wish that they would staff customer service with people who speak good English. It is very difficult to understand someone whose first language is not English and has a strong accent. 
I have always recommended Panasonic if any one has asked for reccys......both Microwaves and also bread makers. I am very disappointed.
The original warranty runs out on Monday, so to cover my back I have extended it for another 4 years. This is the first time I have felt the need to extend the manufacturers warranty.
We have a wet day, it started to rain after breakfast, so no gardening today. I did manage to pick some rhubarb, 12 sticks 6 are in the freezer and 6 to go to our friends this afternoon. We gave them a root last year, but it will not be fully productive until next year.
DB is fretting about not being able to go outside, tough........ I need to put a note through the door to our gardener and see if she can spare me an hour to finish weeding the herbaceous bed, I just cannot manage it, 15 minutes and my back is telling me to sit down. Once its done I plan to cover the whole thing with a layer of compost........need a bulk delivery.............


  1. Have you read the Sale of Goods Act? In some cases the retailer is obliged to refund, repair or replace a faulty item. The Sale of Goods Act covers you for up to 6 years after purchase. There was a recent BBC thing about it.

    Also the Sale of Goods Act offers protection even after the manufacturers warranty has run out. The Act says that goods must last a reasonable time.

    If you Google it and read up on it you could perhaps quote the Sale of Goods Act to Panasonic and see if that gets you anywhere before you take it further.

    If the fault occurred before the warranty ran out and providing you reported the fault before it ran out then you're covered under that guarantee without buying another 4 years.

    Good luck.

  2. Shame on Pantosonic for failing to honor the warranty on your combi microwave. If you've had to send this appliance back for repairs in the past, it must be a design flaw or a production flaw so is Panasonic's fault and they should never have sent it back without fixing the problem.

    Hope DB can find garden tasks he can do while sitting down at a table so he's less annoyed (and annoying!) when he cannot freely do the gardening he so enjoys.

    We had a thunderstorm roar through here just after bedtime last night. What amazing lightening, house-shaking thunder, and torrential rain surrounded us. The cats were glad to be indoors.


  3. I have been thinking of buying a combi have you found them useful.

  4. I really like a combi but our Panasonic didn’t last a great time. We have another one but I have taken a note of exactly when the guarantee runs out so that I know to extend the warranty this time. Nothing seems to last very long-kettle and toaster being prime examples. Hope the weather clears soon.


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