Monday, 16 April 2018


We had a rude awakening at 3am when the front door bell rang, it dingged as the power came back on, it would appear that we had a power cut......did manage to get back to sleep 

Bed changed, sheets washed and dried on the line. I also managed an hour in the garden and cooked the lamb casserole for tonights supper, I have decided that I really cannot do more than one thing in a morning, so if I want to garden I am going to have to let other things go by the board.

The one part of the floor in the airing cupboard is not drying out, so I asked the council to send the chap back to have a look at it, I do not think its going to dry out. Its almost a week since we found water had seeped through its thought from the shower.

Lamb casserole with mash and calabrese for supper. I want to do a crumble for dessert.

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  1. What a bother that the doorbell rang when the power came back on. Who would want a doorbell to do that?

    I so agree that doing one busy task a day is all you need to do sometimes or all of the time. When your energy is gone, it may not come back quickly enough for you to do more.

    We had a huge storm come thru at 3am and our power was off briefly. I slept thru it but there were clocks to reset this morning and a radio to turn back off.

    Our guest left at 8am so we'll be getting back to normal.



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