Monday, 9 April 2018


Monday morning again.......dull morning, there was a slight burst of sun a couple of times during the morning.

DB's eye is doing ok, it has stopped discharging now, so I just bathe it once a day first thing, otherwise put the drops in.

Linen basket is only a quarter full so it can wait a couple of days,  spent most of the morning reading. The chaps from Emmaus came and collected my old pressure cooker, ice cream maker and the bissel floor cleaner as well as a box full of bits. I have someone coming this afternoon to look at the dresser, fingers crossed.......

DD2 is still suffering with numbness on the left side of her face, I guess she has some nerve damage after her accident/ She has made appointments for us to get our eyes tested in 4 weeks.

Egg, chips and beans for supper.

Update: young lady came to buy the white dresser, its we now have a space in the sitting room, will be doing a shift round tomorrow morning.

In the background DB filling the coffee machine for tomorrows breakfast.


  1. There are thousands of nerve endings in the face and jaw area and I experienced a similar numbness after some jaw surgery. I had been warned about this possibility but also told that it should have corrected itself after a few months and it did. Hopefully your DD will find that this passes once she's had more time to heal.

  2. Much warmer here today as I found out when I went out earlier in winter coat and boots! Glad your surplus treasure was collected and fingers crossed for the dresser. Sorry to hear about DDs facial numbness-hopefully time will bring back the feeling.

  3. Am glad to hear that DB's eye is doing well and I know he's glad you're there to do the eye drops as scheduled. I did DH's eye drops after his surgeries but did my own drops after my surgeries.

    Wishing DD2 well as she continues to heal. Hope her doctor knows about this facial numbness and, if not, that she'll inform him/her. The doctor cannot help if not told about what is happening.

    Busy here today so this is a very tardy catch-up.

    Hugs and good night!

    Hope the new owner enjoys your lovely white dresser and that you are pleased with the space that's now available since it's gone.


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