Monday, 23 April 2018

Its a lot cooler this morning. DB keeps saying its not going to rain, but its awful dark out there just now. Hope it does not come to much have a full load in the washer to hang out. I have not put the heating back on, just extra jumpers and a fleece throw when we are sitting at night.

DB is out finishing putting preservative on the fence.

We watered the garden last night, the ground at the top is cracking already, the joys of clay soil!!I have a clump of foxgloved to plant, discovered a delphinium struggling in the pot as well, so might just put the foxgloves in and repot the delphinium, thats about all I am going to do in the garden. might manage a bit more tomorrow if its not hissing down with rain.

Very bad night last night, so going to take it steady today,nothing

P & D across the road went off to their caravan on Thursday, they came back yesterday, said it was too hot in the van, she could not sleep..........

Chicken salad tonight, not sure about dessert as yet, might do some more rhubarb, did not make a crumble after all, we had it with icecream.


  1. You’re about early today and it’s usually the best way after a bad night. As you know, we are off on a jaunt today so I’m aboutvto prepare some snacks and drinks as it’s usually a long (and stuffy) wait at the eye clinic. Salad sounds good for tea.

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad night and I agree that taking it easy today is the best way to handle your fatigue.

    Hope the rain holds off long enough for your washing to dry.

    Your foxgloves and delphinium will be so happy for the roomier places to grow.

    Chicken salad does sound yummy!

    I'd like to sew today but time will tell.



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