Thursday, 19 April 2018

Is it Spring or Early Summer?

Whatever it is the garden has gone nuts, there is stuff popping up all over the place. At least I now know where I can use the cultivator without hooking out a plant.

We had our lunch outside for the first time this year, hope there are many more times to was really nice sitting out. Its beginning to get a little too warm for me, so have come in to cool off a tad.

DB has been in the shed potting up seedlings this morning. Yesterday he did not get what I meant about him bending down, so this morning I asked him to do it in the house.....just managed to shove the chair under him and pull him back before he pitched forward. So...success, he will ditter in the garden, but bending down is out. I am going to get a gardener though.

The toaster went phut this morning whilst it was doing the toast, I bought it 3 years ago when we moved here, it was expensive, so I am a bit put out, I expected it to last a bit longer. The kettle I bought with is is still going strong.

Turkey escalopes for supper with pilau rice, not sure whats for dessert if anything.


  1. Glad you’ve both been out in the fresh air and DB realises that the bending is causing him to fall. We bought a matching Morphy Richards kettle and toaster and both went to the recycling facility last week. They are nomore than three years old either. It’s a bit clammy here today and I was too warm in my waterfroof jacket. I’m about to make 10 small lunchbags for the upcycling project so upward and onward.

  2. Great Idea, doing the 'gardening test' inside so you could get him to understand; and I get it, because I have chronic issues with Meniere's (inner ear disorders) and when I bend over / down I can get VERY dizzy and fall over easily! I finally got one of those rolling garden carts to sit on so I can do my flower beds, etc. But at least you got him to understand your point!! LOL. Dawn Pinnataro Albany, Georgia USA

  3. Good lesson that I hope DB takes to heart! Perhaps he'll be happy supervising the gardener and doing little jobs that can be done in a secure sitting position with a table to work on.

    How nice that you two could enjoy an al fresco meal today!

    Hope you can write the toaster maker to report it's demise after only 3 years of use. They should send you a new toaster for free!

    It's sunny and very windy here so the cats are staying close to the house.



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