Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Hey ho

Surveyor from the council came this morning, the floor of the wet room and also the airing cupboard has to be ripped up and replaced.

I emptied the cupboard in the hall to check the water had not gone any further, it hasn't so the cupboard got a good clear out, I need the cleaners to put the steam mop on the floor them I can put the stuff back. The white plastic chest of drawers has been emptied and washed. I have to sort through the drawers there is stuff in them that should be in the shed and also some that can go to the charity shop. Why I have 6 trailing sockets I really do not know. There is also a drawer full of light bulbs.

The floor in the airing cupboard.

The hall cupboard, waiting for the stuff to go back

Most of the stuff from the hall cupboard in the sewing room.

DB was out in the garden this morning, kept my eye on him, I have told him if he does fall he will be getting himself up.

It was fine first thing, but it started to rain about an hour ago, so I will not have to water tonight. Its a lot cooler too I had the heat on first thing,

Baked cod, mash and peas with parsley sauce for supper.

Tonights baked cod with mash, peas and parsley sauce.


  1. Sorry about the wet room floor and cupboard floors that must be replaced due to the leak. It will be a bother, but will be good to have that fixed so things that are out of sight don't mold.

    Can DB kneel to work in the garden? They make cushioned garden kneelers that have upright supports on each end to help with getting up. Just a thought. Then there are those zimmer frames with seats ...

    We have rain forecast for all day, tonight, and perhaps tomorrow so I hope to sew. If not, will read and I find both enjoyable.


  2. Haven't you got your steamer now? That's a shame if it broke and you now have to wait for the cleaners to bring theirs. I remember you saying you were pleased with the steamer when you had it.

    Baked cod sounds good, you have some delicious menus.

    1. I do still have my big steamer, but my cleaners were coming this afternoon, they use a steam mop for the wet room, toilet and kitchen floors, thats why I did not get the big steamer out. They did it in the time it would have taken me to get it out, disconnect the iron and sort out the hose etc. I will have to get it out shortly, I have a dirty mark on a mat I use, the steamer will soon get it out.

  3. Thank you for replying, it is only a very few blogs that I comment on and a reply is always appreciated if I ask a question. Some bloggers don't bother to reply and then I think I've wasted my time going back to look to see if there's a reply. So - thank you!

  4. Having had our own property and now renting a council house i get so frustrated when we want jobs done now , Our council dont send surveyors any more they send the men who do the jobs and if they don't want to do jobs they say ohh no they wont do that , We have just had to have our bathroom plastered and the ceiling needed to be done as well but they did the walls and not the ceiling , So annoying xxx


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