Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Here we go again!!

Bright morning, there is still quite a breeze but not as bad as yesterday.

I had to wait in for the chap to come and look at the cupboard floor in the wet room, as I suspected the floor is going to have to come up and the planks replaced. We can use the shower but I have to put a towel down to soak up the water.

DB was out in the garden and fell again......we have had words, I just cannot go on like this anymore, I know he loves his garden but I cannot cope, even if I go out with him he can still fall, I had a massive job to get him up and back into the house. he has to give up and this time I am not giving way. I will have to take on the veg garden for this year then it will be laid down to grass next year.

Quiche and salad for supper tonight, there is enough of the crumble left for dessert.


  1. So very sorry to hear that DB went down once again in the garden. I know that I could not get my hubby up by myself if he fell. His falling is dangerous for you as well. I do hope he accepts this and doesn't give you a difficult time.

  2. Sorry to read that DB fell in the garden, - I agree with SandyExpat, when he is on the ground it is too much for you to get him up. He will have to realise his limitations.
    Your supper sounds yummy, I bet you do a mean crumble!! Yum Yum x

  3. So sorry that DB fell in the garden as that's upsetting to you both and a strain on you to help him up. I've seen garden stools made to let you garden from a sitting position so do you suppose something along those lines would allow him to continue doing some gardening? Then there are raised beds that might make it doable. Hope DB will be open to whatever solution is needed even if it means no more gardening.

    Has the work on the leaking wet room floor been scheduled yet?

    It's another sunny, cool day here and I am back to usual tasks.


  4. Sorry to hear things are not so good again. Does Your husband have/use a walking aid although I don’t know if that would be much use in the garden. As always your meal sounds lovely-we had a delicious vegetarian tea of vegetable wraps with falafels. Most unusual for my DH to enjoy a meatless meal quite so much.

  5. Sorry to hear DB fell again in the garden. I imagine its very hard to get him back up. I'd hate to see him give it up. How about a raised garden bed? That way he could sit in a chair a do a bit of gardening.

  6. As Barbara Anne says - what about a gardening seat for him? Have you explored all options? Sometimes we can be hasty without seeing how things could be done otherwise. What are you intending he should do - sit in the house all day? I'm sure that would be a miserable existence for him, as you say, he loves his garden so much. It would be such a shame for him to have that taken away from too, all his pleasures in life being slowly eroded away. It's not long since you banned him from attending the bowling, you also don't want him to have anything to do with the historical society. I hope for his sake you think of him and explore what can be done. We so often take the easy option to make life easier.

  7. It has been my experience that there does come a time when physical limitations must be addressed and this time may have come. I know many "caretakers" have gotten hurt or died, before the person they watched over. If there is no family to help out or assist with your dear husband, your choices must reflect the best for both of you. There are plenty of activities that keep the mind moving and don't require physical labor. Best wishes are with you, as these decisions are made.

    1. There is family but I don't think they help out much.

  8. Sandy in the US18 April 2018 at 17:59

    I'm sorry to read that DB fell again. It certainly isn't easy for you, being his primary caregiver. I really hope that you guys can work out a solution to keep him safely engaged and interested in life, especially if he loves his garden so much. Perhaps a walking frame with your assistance when he wants to garden? The gardening chair sounds like a good idea too but again, only you can know if any of these assistive devices will work for your situation. I was wondering where in the garden is he falling? Is he tripping in the grass? Are the paths clear and level? Is he getting dizzy and falling? My own husband has health conditions that require constant monitoring and he is still fairly young but was born with a defective heart. He can no longer go camping by himself just in case he experiences a health emergency and needs help.


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