Friday, 13 April 2018


It was a very grey morning, it had been raining, by lunch time the cloud was lifting.

The landscaper has been and put in a small patio and the back of the bungalow, I have a large railway sleeper to treat and do something with, its holding the lawn up. I think come containers are going to be needed......will have a think about it. I will take pictures. We need to lift the grass a bit behind the sleeper to level it off.

The small patio once its sorted we will be able to sit out and enjoy the garden. We have decided to have the other side done once I have saved up the cash.

Went to see my GP, I have thrush in my throat, how ever did I get that, have some medication to take.

Fish for supper OH will have chips, I will have the remains of the cheese and onion pie from last night, Rasps in jelly with ice cream for dessert.


  1. You're wondering how you got thrush, it's a fungal infection caused by the fungus candida. It usually lives benignly in the mouths of many people but can cause an infection sometimes. Have you recently had antibiotics? That can be a cause. People with diabetes are more susceptible, also the elderly. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Your new patio looks lovely, some fine weather on its way so you can sit out and enjoy your garden.

  2. Oh yuk about your throat-it’s a horible thin to have. Your wee patio are looks just the job if we ever get any good weather. Do you have a table and chairs or will you be on the lookout for some. We got ours in Wilcos a few years ago and it’s doing fine considering we forgot to bring it in last autumn. You’ll see my latest make later in the usual spot. Take care and thanks for showing your garden-you do take good care of it.

  3. The garden is looking nice and I can envision some potted plants adding pretty colors to the area in due time.

    So sorry you have thrush and hope it's gone quickly.

    We've just returned from lunch at a lovely seafood tavern with our guest and another two friends. Yummy food and delightful conversation.

    It seems just the time for a nap.


  4. Your thrush is possibly as a result of a weakened immune system - you have a lot on your plate at the moment. It is not contagious so you didn't catch it! Audrey from New Zealand.


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