Friday, 6 April 2018


Yesterdays procedure went off ok, today has not been so good......but thats what I expected.

I bathed his eye this morning and put the drops in, he went out to put a note through our gardeners door, I got someone hammering on the door, he had collapsed in the street........he is in bed right now, had his eye bathed again and the drops put in having had some lunch.

I am not sure just how I feel, but it is not good.


  1. Do you think he misplaced his step because of the eye patch, Anne, or was it a dizzy turn? Hope whatever happened was not serious and he makes a good recovery. Take care and try and have a rest yourself.

  2. Having just had my second cataract op I did nothing the day after at all. Hope its just he never thought to do the same = nothing.

  3. Oh, dear! I'm so sorry to read that DB collapsed or fell while outside but am glad someone came to get you. Hope he didn't bump the operative eye. I know this must be worrisome for you. (((hugs!)))

    Wishing you both a better evening and that the mysterious package appears at your door.

    Today we'll hear if the horrid winter storm in the middle of the nation will delay our visitor's arrival which was to be on the 10th.

    More hugs!

  4. Oh no. I hope DB didn't hurt himself too badly. Did he just misstep or did he pass out? That had to be very scary for you. things had been going rather well. I do hope he bounces back. Take care.

  5. Sorry to hear that. Thank goodness he didn't break any bones when he collapsed. In hindsight a day of doing nothing at all may have been better for him. I hope he's now recovering well.

  6. Hang in there! It's nice to know that there are others in the area that can be helpful.


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