Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter Monday

Bank holiday so everywhere is quiet no post.

It was very grey and wet first thing it has gradually  cleared and we now have blue skies and sunshine, too late to dry the bed linen I washed this morning.

Quiet day, We were a bit late getting up, re made the bed. DB went for his siesta after lunch. Spent the afternoon either reading or watching TV.

The dresser in the sitting room is empty, so its on gumtree, if it has not sold in 2 weeks it will go to Emmaus along with the other two things I have on Gumtree.

We need to go into town tomorrow OH's watch is ready, I also need a battery for my gold watch and a small crystal clock I have. My friend who died bought it for me one Christmas. The chiropodist is coming first thing so we will go in when she has gone.

We have a busy week, the coffee morning and cleaners on Wednesday, I need to go to Aldi early on Thursday and then take DB for his cataract op at lunch time. I expect Friday I will be busy nursing the wounded soldier!! I dread to think what he is going to be like.

The lamb yesterday was delicious, I have cut the rest of the meat off the bone and we are having it cold with tomato and celery salad, coleslaw, beetroot and jacket spuds. The crumble will get finished off for dessert.


  1. You do have a busy week ahead so hope you sleep well every night.

    From our experiences last autumn when we each had two cataract surgeries, I suggest you take a book or handwork (or both) with you as you may be required to stay in the building during the procedure as we were.

    DB needs to know his operative eye will probably be blood-shot after the procedure and that's normal. He may want to have some books on CD to listen to as his vision may be a bit wonky for a while and his glasses won't work on the operative side. Some folks remove that lens from the glasses to overcome that annoyance.

    Wishing you well on selling the things you have listed on gumtree!


  2. I have now had two cataract operations. Highly successful both altho different. Last one was done by speedy gonzales. Now waiting for new reading glasses. Both eyes 20/20 vision so old glasses do not work for second eye being done. Frustrating. No need to moan tho I expect he will.x


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