Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Another wet morning although it has cleared a bit now, the ground is sodden, the water squelches over my clogs if I walk on the grass.

New cleaners here this afternoon, fingers crossed with this lot.

I made a pan of leek and potato soup this morning, we have visitors for lunch tomorrow, have also hard boiled a couple of eggs for sandwiches, no sure whether to do raspberries and cream, maybe they will not want a dessert.

OH has had his confirmation letter re his cataract surgery, we had an altercation about one of the letters, he had two and there seems to be a conflict as to if he should take his medication with him or not......... I told him to put all the contents of his side of the medicine chest into a bag and take the lot. Just cannot be bothered. It will be bad enough putting up with the moans after he has had it done.

I have cleared some more stuff from the dresser and also from the shelves in the hall cupboard, the dresser is gradually emptying. 

Baked cod mash and mixed veg for supper tonight, we have fresh fruit in the dish which needs eating up for dessert.


  1. As a long-time surgery nurse, I'll say that DB needs to take all of his medicines (including any vitamins or supplements) with him on the surgery date. If he has the other eye done at the same location, he could take a written list of all medicines, vitamins, and supplements (like fish oil pills).

    I hope these cleaners do a good job.

    Oh, wish I could come have some of your leek and potato soup!

    We have sunshine with an expected high of 70*F and tomorrow's high of 80*F. The weekend and next week are forecast to be much cooler.


  2. Our lawn is squelching too, the drainage isn't good and it's weedy, really needs to be better attended to this year. Wish I had more get up and go to do it! Soon get weary these days, old age!

    I hope you have better luck with the new cleaners, do let us know how you go on. I keep thinking about getting a cleaner, do yours do everything needed or just dusting and hoovering? What about kitchen and bathroom stuff?

  3. After DH was in hospital the first time and went without his medication, we realised that it’s safer to take some supplies with you. Still a day for soup up here although the dafgodils are trying bravely to bloom.


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