Wednesday, 7 March 2018


A cold but bright morning. I had a quick trip to the post office, I found an old £10 note yesterday, so took it up and the chap changed if for me, phew.........

We went round to the coffee morning, at first there were only 4 of us but by the time we were ready to come away there were 8 of us.

R & J came round to pick up some books we had bought from DD2's yesterday, they were going to drop them off at the charity shop for us.

I took some smoked haddock out of the freezer for supper, we will have poach egg and brown bread with it. I got some reduced strawberries yesterday so we will finish them off for dessert.

DD2 messaged me to say the Police had been to see her, we will get a full report when we go on Sunday. Eldest daughter and ex OH went yesterday afternoon to see her.


  1. Glad to hear you managed round to the coffee group this morning-it’s nice to meet others for a chat. I was glad to see our bedroom carpet fitted thus afternoon and looking forward to moving back in very soon. Catriona

  2. So glad to read that your daughter wasn't more seriously injured - I hope that she has a speedy recovery. Just wanted to mention - but not sure of UK law - a number of years ago I was hit by a car (while standing on the sidewalk) - 2 cars tried to beat a red light - one coming through the intersection and one making a turn - they collided and I was hit - they were both charged. I did see a lawyer and successfully sued for compensation for out of pocket expenses plus "pain & suffering". It wasn't anything like the amounts you hear about on US TV shows but it was something. Just wondered if perhaps your daughter should consult a solicitor given that the driver of the lorry has been charged. Just a thought....

  3. How nice the weather allowed you and DB to go to the coffee morning and that others were able to make it, too. What a pleasant interlude to the day.

    Nice, too, that friends picked up the books that were for donation to save you the trip.

    It will be interesting to hear what DD2 learned from the police. What a shame her puffy coat was cut off of her in the ER, but I well know that assessing her injuries was most important at the time. I agree that the coat may have protected her from worse injuries.

    Strawberries in March! What a yummy treat. :)



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