Thursday, 1 March 2018

We have more snow

Not a lot as Paul Daniels would have said, but still more snow.

We had flurries off and on yesterday, followed by a couple of heavier snow falls in the afternoon, then it tailed off again. We have about 2" in the back, I made fresh tracks going to the coal house this morning. The weather is an ideal opportunity to use up the coal we have in there. We plan to power wash it when its empty and use it as another storage shed. The chimney will be swept and blocked off. I will then look for an electric stove of some sort. The conditions remind me of winter 2010 in the cottage, when we were snowed in for almost 5 weeks, and lived with jack frost patterns on the windows.

I made a loaf in the new bread maker yesterday, so I need to slice and freeze it this morning. OH asked for beef burgers with mash and beans for supper, so thats what he is getting. We have lemon cheese cake for dessert.

A better nights sleep last night, roused a couple of times, but went back off quite quickly. It was a struggle to get out of a nice warm bed this morning.

Towels in the washer, thank goodness I bought the dryer before Christmas, it has been really useful whilst the weather has been bad. Mind you I cannot wait for better weather to be able to dry the clothes on the line.

DB has got fixated on scrabble on his Ipad.....keeps telling me the weird words it comes out with.

Keep warm everyone, I have no reason to go out so am staying inside in the warm.


  1. I remember the pictures you used to put on here from that cottage in Scotland - it looked beautiful but I bet it was cold there xx

  2. I really enjoy being tucked in at home when the weather outside is frightful (to quote that song) and hope you do, too, as long as it doesn't last for weeks.

    Yes, a dryer is a handy appliance when it's too cold to hang washing outside. I remember my mother bringing frozen bed sheets back indoors and they were not dry at all. Just frozen stiff.

    Your lemon cheesecake sounds delicious! DB still hasn't got much of a sense of taste due to this respiratory bug, so I've not done any baking.

    It's a drizzly day and a tad chilly but nothing like what you folks in the UK and Europe are dealing with. Stay snug and warm!



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