Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Up early to unlock the gate for the fencer. The snow has mostly gone, just lying a bit where it has been shovelled into heaps. Sun keeps trying to come out, but its very cold still.

Taking DB to get his hair cut shortly, his head has stopped itching, but he is still putting the lotion on it.

Terrible night last night. We were late putting the light out and then DB started coughing, so I got up and came through into the sitting room, sat and finished reading a book before I went back to bed. It was after 4am. So about 4 hours sleep.

I did manage to do the ironing yesterday afternoon, so that's out of the way, have a load of whites washed and in the dryer.

DD2 is back at work, she is off tomorrow, so 3 days and then 2 days off. She seems to be coping ok. 

I cooked the salmon fillets in lemon juice and white wine, they are in the fridge, will do salad and new spuds with it, enough of the crumble for dessert. 

The new piece of fence is in. DB will have to treat it once he has finished doing the shed.

The gap once the laurel hedge was taken down, the fence you can see in the background is in a garden on the other side of the lane.

All fenced in, the fencer is coming back to take out the bottom part of the grass and put in a row of slabs to form a slight patio so we can sit and eat out. Once the mud has dried out I need to sweep the path and tidy up along the back.


  1. What a lot was accomplished today despite your lack of good sleep. Hope you had a refreshing nana nap while the salmon was marinating.

    How nice to have blocked the view to the street with that fence! Is your home on the left in the photos? I would assume so as that's where the photographer is standing. :)

    We have rain today and snow in the forecast for tomorrow. I plan to sew and see if I can finish up a thing or two.


  2. Nice! I was going to ask for before and after pics :) I'm glad that your daughter is back at work and that all seems to be well with you guys.


  3. Glad your daughter is doing well after her accident. The fence with the slabs in front will give you a lovely protected place to sit when the good weather arrives. Catriona


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