Tuesday, 13 March 2018


A bright sunny morning and a bit warmer than of late. Too late for many places though, the roads were flooded as I went to the Drs last night. Other places have had really bad floods.

Dr said all my blood tests including my cholesterol were ok, the tiredness is due to the stress looking after DB, he remarked that he doubted it would get really better, depending on DB's health. So I guess its a case of put up and shut up, thats not easy at times.

I have managed to do the ironing at last, was having a few problems with the steamer iron. Turned out I had not properly connected the iron to the unit, once that was sorted it was full steam ahead. Years ago when DB had C Diff I asked on freecycle if anyone had a steamer they no longer used. I knew that steam was one of the things that would kill the spores, I did not want to use bleach, the other thing that works, on the bed or carpet. A lady in the village emailed to say she had one and I was welcome to it, so off I went to collect it. It turned out to be a very expensive Polti steamer. When my last iron went phut I bought an attachment iron for the steamer which is brilliant.

Steamer and iron attachment.

I have used the steamer a lot its great on floors and also getting stains off the carpet, steaming the wet room tiles and also removed the stains from a previous tenants cigarette smoke off the plastic toilet cistern.

Mac and cheese tonight DB has asked for salad which is what he will get.


  1. Yes, it is certainly stressful and tiring looking after someone. We should keep telling ourselves "this could be worse" as indeed many people are dealing with much worse things than we are.

    Try to find sometime in your day for yourself, even a little sit down with a book. Although I know it isn't easy to do. I should try to heed my own advice!

  2. Could the GP not help by pointing you in the direction for help? Or have they already.


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