Thursday, 29 March 2018


The season is changing all around us. It's a fine morning, but still chilly and we have rain forecast for later.

The daffs are out in the garden and the shrubs showing signs of shooting. The clematis on the front fence has buds forming on it. I need to get myself into gear and weed the big herbaceous bed. We got soil conditioner last week, so that and the pelleted feed needs spreading, then I can put in the plants I have. The little chosia plant has shot up, it needs repotting. I will plant it in the autumn. The rhodi I put in last year has really shot up over the year, I hope it flowers. No signs of buds on the camellia though, shame, I thought it might flower this year.

There are geraniums that need potting up too. I will grow them on a bit further before I plant them out.  I need to get plants for the hanging baskets as well. I will get R to put the brackets on the shed.

We need to go to the local garden centre and get more potting compost, we have used up the bags we bought late last year, just a bit left in the bin in the sentry box.

As I travel around in the car, the fields are being ploughed and the winter crops putting on a growth spurt. We do not seem to have sheep around us but on the way into town there are lambs in the fields and the cattle have been turned out onto the pasture. We seem to have a lot of oil seed rape again this year. It must be a worthwhile crop for the farmers to grow.

Lots of the verges have lost the snowdrops and daffs are blooming, the houses on the lane have also planted daffs in the grass, it makes the lane look quite festive with all the yellow heads bobbing about in the wind.

DB is planning to put some preservative on the back of the shed, fingers crossed we do not get the rain early, it will wash it off.

We have visitors for lunch, supper will be out of the freezer.......


  1. Aren't the floral signs of spring and those frolicking lambs sights that bring renewed joy to your heart and soul? They certainly do my heart and soul a world of good.

    Hope the rain held off until the preservative dried completely.

    Lucky visitors to have gotten to enjoy your yummy soup!

    Very warm day here but am determined to plow on with this binding. The thing is only 32" square, so how long can it take? One side is finished.


  2. Hope your lunch went well today and didn’t tire you out too much. Very cold here today and it’s not improving over the weekend. Stay in and sew seems like a plan.

  3. You sound full of gardening plans, I wish I had your energy!


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