Thursday, 15 March 2018


Pouring with rain this morning, forecast is for snow tomorrow arrgg...... with this in mind I have cleaned out the grate and filled the coal scuttle, we will have a fire in the sitting room if we do get snow.

I prepped the supper, cooked the stew in the pressure cooker, Also made up the mixture for dumpling, there are carrots etc in the stew so DB asked for just cauliflower, the stew is in a casserole, just need to bring it up to heat and cook the dumpling.

Combi micro has been collected by Martin Dawes who handle warranty repairs for Panasonic, it will be away for a week.

Went over to see my neighbour this morning, she is struggling with her legs again. her son is coming tomorrow to take her shopping.

DD2 sent a message yesterday to say she was feeling a lot better, she has walked into town and back on Tuesday evening to have supper with her son.

A quiet day really, read for a while. It stopped raining after lunch, the sun tried to come through, but eventually gave up the ghost. The ground is  very wet, I could do with it drying out a bit so I can get some plants in. The daffs are out in the garden tete a tete in the front and the bigger daffs in the back, the cowslip is also starting to flower. There are a couple of plants that need cutting back and I need to start planting up the ground we gained where the hedge was cut back. The nursery bed is almost full of plants waiting to be planted out.


  1. What good news that DD2 is feeling so much better that she could get out of the house for a walk and a visit. An elderly doctor I worked with long ago used to talk about "tincture of time" being the best medicine for some injuries and illnesses. So true!

    Isn't it nice to have various kitchen appliances that can be used when one of them is out for repair?

    If your area does get snow tomorrow I hope it's mostly gone quickly as our Monday snow was. By Tuesday eve, the bits of remaining snow were only in the well shaded places and the roads were clear.

    Have you started sewing yet?


  2. I feel the same about the snow, best place for it is Iceland as far as I'm concerned.. keep indoors and toasty warm!


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