Thursday, 8 March 2018


It was raining when we got up. I left home for Melton via the Drs to put our scripts in.

It rained all the way into the town, and threw it down as I was dashing for the door to Aldi. Car park was quite full..... I was home by 10.30, so a quick cuppa before the shopping was put away.

Message from DD2 this morning saying she had a better nights sleep and was feeling quite a bit better, I hope she does not try to do too much.....

We had sun this afternoon but it is still bitter out.

Cauli and Broccoli gratin for supper with jacket spuds and baked tomato's.


  1. It's so nice you could run errands early, then get home to stay and let the rain fall without bothering you.

    How marvelous that your DD2 is feeling markedly better! It's not long until she can finally wash her hair, too. Sweet!

    I have a run to the grocery store to make and it's cold here, tho those from northern climes would tease me about thinking that. The sun is out but there is little warmth in it.


  2. Just reading about your daughter, so glad her injuries were minimal but I think the bruising will be painful, hope she feels a lot better soon.

  3. It must be a relief to know you can be out and about on your own again without worrying about your hubby.

    Wintry showers for us this morning, thankfully fine this afternoon. Had enough of the snow for this winter!


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