Sunday, 25 March 2018


A beautiful bright sunny day, blue skies, very little wind.

We had our usual Sunday brekkie, it was just before 10 when we finally made it into the shower. 

Just after 11 we were on our way into town, called at Aldi for a couple of bits and then went to DD2's to pick her up. DGD joined us at the table in the restaurant, she had seen some friends on the 12.30 train, they were travelling home to Linlithgow in Scotland.

Lovely lunch, DGD could not finish all of hers, she is on medication which suppresses her appetite, its the side effect of one of the medications she takes. DGD went off to meet friends, we dropped DD2 home and then came home, I was shattered, did not sleep well last night, so did succumb to a Nana nap.

We had ham sandwiches for supper, DB had his yogurt, I had an orange.

Tomorrow we have to go into town on the bus a visit to the bank and sort a couple of other things whilst we are there.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. The clock change may have made you tired too as I find it hard to adapt especially in the morning for a few days.

  2. How nice to have had good weather today for your outing to Aldi and the time spent with DD2 and DGD at the restaurant, then back to take DD2 home again. After a bad night's sleep and a busy day, a Nana nap was just what you deserved. :)

    Hope you have good weather tomorrow, too.

    DH has been replacing speaker wires to the new TV and I've been sewing binding.



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