Sunday, 18 March 2018


We have had 6 inches of snow overnight. I was awake just after 5am, got up and put the heating on early. We had our usual Sunday brekkie in bed.

I used the coal shovel to clear a path to the coal shed, I should have sorted out the coal last night before it got dark, however the job is done and the fire crackling away. I will remember tonight to fill the bucket in case there is still snow in the morning.

DB's itches seem to have subsided so we had a shower rather than a wash this morning, I am still putting the cream on at night.

We had wall to wall rugby yesterday, by the time it had finished I was going slowly nuts........I should have sorted out some sewing to do.

Roast pork etc for supper, just about to do a freezer dive for fruit to make a crumble which will do us a couple of days. No cream, ice cream will have to do.


  1. Oh my goodness! We have a smattering of snow this morning but the sky is very heavy. Team Mason has just finished making a huge pot of soup so looking forward to that later. Keep warm and safe indoors. Catriona

  2. Lovely snow if you can stay indoors and cozy. Hope your snow melts as quickly as our 5" of snow did last week. Snowed on Monday, mostly melted by late Tuesday. :)

    I agree, roast pork sounds yummy.

    I'd be elsewhere sewing up a storm if sports were on our TV. Fortunately for me, DH enjoys watching a few college football teams and Formula 1 racing and they are few and far between so are of little bother.

    Sunny and a tad warmer here. We had rain last night and more is forecast for Monday night and Tuesday.



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