Sunday, 11 March 2018


Disturbed night, I was reading for a couple of hours. Breakfast in bed as usual. Once we were up and dressed it was off to Melton, shopping done we went on the DD2's for lunch cooked by DGD. DD2 is improving slowly, she went into town yesterday, but said it was not a success, she could not wait to get home.

This picture was posted on facebook this morning.....

My grand daughter Molly, she is the spitting image of her daddy my late youngest son Nicholas.

It was quite sunny first thing, I turned the heating down whilst we were out, the sun has gone, so have turned the heat up and lit the fire in the sitting room.

A sandwich and fruit for supper methinks.......

Denny and friends at his birthday party.


  1. I imagine it's an unwelcome realization for DD2 that some injuries just take lots of time to recover from. Slowly, slowly is the way to take things. She is surely glad for DGD's help and cooking skills and for your visits.

    Molly is so pretty and her eyes seem to shine with gentle kindness.

    Denny and friends are so cute as they manage their cake by their own methods. Don't you wonder if these little guys will become friends for life?

    Hope you have a good evening and a good night's sleep tonight.

    It's cold here and tomorrow's high is forecast to be only 7* above freezing. We may also get snow but I hope not.


  2. DD2 will probably suffer from a bit of PTSD as regards just crossing the street or the sight or sound of a lorry approaching and this isn't unusual - it will just take time. I hope that she takes things slowly and really gives herself a chance to heal properly.
    Your granddaughter is absolutely lovely - and the little ones look as though they are having a wonderful time!

  3. Glad you and your daughter had a lovely lunch cooked by GD. Your son’s daughter is beautiful and thanking for sharing the photo. Hope your day is now in resting mode. I’m just about to watch CTM and probably blubber as I’ve had a not so good Mother’s Day and it won’t take much to set me off. Catriona

  4. A mothers day wish for you ........don't set the alarm tonight (have you anything specifically to get up early for? No!) Go completely bonkers and have breakfast in bed on a Monday for a change. You're retired - indulge in simple pleasures and relax!


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