Saturday, 31 March 2018


Not a nice morning, dull, grey, cold and damp.

We were late getting up, just after 9am before my feet hit the floor, so better than Thursday night when I was awake until after 3am.

No plans for the day, its miserable out so I may light the sitting room fire after lunch.

Both freezer audits done, still have enough meat for at least the next 2 weeks, plus chicken and a shoulder of lamb for Sundays. So menu and shopping lists also done, guess I will have to add the the shopping list as the week goes on. We have switched from using spread back to butter, the spread smelt horrid......I always had butter in the fridge to use when I was cooking chicken, mashing spuds or making mustard sauce.

DB wants to go to chapel tomorrow morning so we will have to stir our stumps and get up early. The days of wearing ones best to chapel have gone, they will have to put up with me in trousers!!

Regarding his fixation with the history society, I have no beef with him attending meetings, what I do have an issue with is him getting over involved in research. Over the years I have had to come to terms with local history, bowls club history, family history and a whole lot more. Holidays were taken up with searches for family history and he has spent many hours a day in libraries looking up microfiche's for information. He did a lot of work for the bowls club at Asfordby, for which he got little help from older members and no acknowledgement when he handed the information over.  I am not happy having weekends etc disrupted because he wants to research this or that, especially when it means I have to change holiday dates or arrangements made to go out.

At present he is spending a good part of everyday on his laptop looking for information about the railway that ran along the ridge above the village. I knew quite a bit about it already having lived in the area years ago. Would he accept what I told him? No......he could not accept there was no station in the village......the station was at the top of Pasture Lane and served both us and the next village. He eventually found a map dated 1902 which confirmed what I had told him. There never was a railway which served the steel works in the village, the line had been closed and coal was brought in by lorry. The steel works closed in the 60's and the site was made safe before it was built on. there is a close of houses there now. Although there is still a sign up on the lane pointing into the village.

 Shepherds pie made with chicken instead of meat tonight. fresh fruit for dessert.


  1. Sorry for the miserable weather you've had today and hope you had a chance to boost your spirits by delving into the Christmas fabric bag or your stash - or both. :)

    Perhaps you and DB can arrange that he keep his research timed so the plans for holidays and other outings are not affected? Also, methinks he owes you an apology for not believing you about the local railway station! YOU were right, of course!

    It's sunny and pleasant here today but I have many indoor chores to do so am unlikely to be out much.


  2. Hobbies are fine but not if you impose them on other people to the detriment of life together. Still cold here and I have spent the day preparing for a patchwork cushion workshop on Tuesday-at least I had 160 already cut 3.5” squares in my stash-lol. I the narrowed another duvet cover and made two singles for the motorhome beds. May be able to cast on some knitting soon as my hacks are nearly gone. Enjoy your easter meals-we’re having a small turkey roast with lots of veg for ours.

  3. It will keep him out of mischief, and be good for his brain cells, just make sure that your holidays, days out are not compromised and hopefully it will be ok, it's good he has a purpose it's better than moping around:)


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