Saturday, 24 March 2018


DB was hoping to go into the garden today....wrong....its raining.

Good visit with my friend yesterday, we did come across a bad smash on the way home, managed to escape before the police turned up, we did not see it happen, just the aftermath.

My microwave is coming back just after lunch, hooray!! I have really missed it, it is surprising how much I do use it.

No plans for today, I have started stripping down the sitting room dresser ready to photograph it and put it on the local Gumtree site. I have found stuff that DB has shoved in the drawers and then covered over with table mats. 2 pairs of old glasses, I need to see if one of the charity shops collects them to send out to Africa. The hall dresser also needs sorting out, decanters will have to go on there, we have one for whisky and the ships decanter he was given when he was 65. Once I have shifted the saucepans etc from the hall cupboard the crystal that's in the bottom of the dresser can go on those shelves.

Thursdays sausage and mash with baked beans for supper tonight. fresh fruit for dessert.


  1. Good luck on selling your dresser. Also hope you find reuse for the glasses.

  2. How wonderful to have your combi oven back now and I hope it has a decade or more of perfect functioning ahead.

    Hope your lovely dresser finds a good home with folks who will be delighted with it. Is the dresser in the hall one with an upper display section?

    It's sunny and cool here but despite the chill, spring seems to be pushing forward. Wishing you a sunny day tomorrow!


  3. I’ve been narrowing duvet covers today as we have a new bed-boring but money saving. DH is building a radiator cover which he cut the pieces for about last October but the better weather meant he could work in the garage. Enjoy your meal this evening.

  4. Her indoors - Betty25 March 2018 at 11:26

    Ooh decanters and crystal - how posh! But then I read you were having sausage mash and beans - ha ha! Not that posh then!


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