Saturday, 10 March 2018


Late getting up this morning, I had quite a good night, was very tired when we went to bed, asleep before DB put the light out.

Cleaner the kitchen except the floor, time beat me, so it will have to wait. I brought the car round and put the seats down so we could put the stuff in the back to go to the tip tomorrow. All done and put the car back in its normal place.

DB has medication, cream for his itches, we did not have a shower this morning, will have one tomorrow before we go to DD2's, she sent a message yesterday to say that she has been signed off until next Friday, I am really pleased, I know she is not fit to go back to work.

Great grand son was one yesterday, he went on his first train trip to sea life. Apparently he is having a party tomorrow.

Cleaning Nannies kitchen floor!!

We have had two showers of rain this morning, its very dull, but the wind has dropped so its not so cold.

Spag bol and garlic bread for supper.


  1. You've got a great little helper there, you don't need additional cleaners!

    But that's a shame you're not invited to his party. a first birthday is quite an event. We're always invited to our grandchilds parties although it's nice to return to the peace and quiet later! Nice to be included in the invitations though.

  2. Unless you do an activity that makes you very dirty and sweaty you do not need a shower every day. Perhaps try every other day and strip wash in between you should be fine. My GP also recommended a very mild soap such as Dove.

    Glad to hear your daughter is a little better.

  3. How marvelous that you had a good night's sleep and a bit of a lie-in.

    Hope the cream helps relieve DB's itch as methinks there is little more annoying than constant itching.

    Nannie's wee helper is just too cute in his focus and intensity! Wishing him a Happy Birthday!

    We a snow flurries this morning but they didn't stick as the day warmed up a tad too much.

    New TV to install today - heaven help us!



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